Humble Weekly Bundle: Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie. These French game developers came together for this bundle to support the cause for freedom of press, with proceeds going 100% to charity. Pay what you want for Type:Rider, Finding Teddy, and Little Big Adventure. If you pay $6 or more, you’ll get all of the above plus Homeland (audiobook), FarSky, and Strike Vector. 100% of the proceeds go towards charity.

Play as 2 dots and travel through the ages of typographic styles and techniques in Type:Rider. Or help out a girl who’s been projected in a magical world, full of monsters and oddities where she has to discover the place and help their beings and find back her teddy in Finding Teddy.

Originally released on PC in 1994, Little Big Adventure (aka ‘Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure’) is an action-adventure RPG designed by Frédérick Raynal. With FarSky, you take the role of Nathan who got lost in the Ocean after the crash of his submarine. You need to learn how to survive in the depths of the Ocean. Strike Vector is a brutal aerial FPS that will see you test your skills online against other players in the tradition of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament.

Je Suis Charlie Bundle includes:

  • Type:Rider
  • Finding Teddy
  • Little Big Adventure
  • FarSky
  • Strike Vector
  • Homeland (audiobook)

Grab Je Suis Charlie Bundle over at Humble Bundle!

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