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Humble Weekly Bundle: Neko Entertainment



Croucing Pony, Hidden Dragon is a hillarious take on a world of ninjas, their combat and training techniques. Gauge is an experimental and minimalist sports game. Puddle is a game in which you will have to lead a puddle of fluid by tilting the surroundings right or left. If you like your main characters solid, you should join Esteban, Zia and Tao in their search for the City of Gold.

There are more ninja themed games in this bundle! And yes, what you see bellow is an actual in game screenshot! So there’s ninjas and dangerous badass women involved!


For instance, Wooden Sen’Sey is an action platformer set in a never before seen Japan Steam Rock universe filled with humor. If peace and tranquility is what attracts you to Japan, you should try Storm, an atmospheric experience where you have to use natural phenomena to guide a simple seed to a full life. If you’re up for a more chaotic and less ninja-like battles, you should try Poöf.

Pay what you want for:

  • Crouching Pony, Hidden Dragon
  • Puddle
  • The Mysterious Cities of Gold

Beat the average of $5 for:

  • Wooden Sen’Sey
  • Storm
  • Poöf

Get it over at Humble Bundle.



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