IGB Deals: Microsoft Office Efficiency

IGB Deals: Microsoft Office Efficiency

microsoft office bundle

No matter your familiarity level with Microsoft Word, you’ll benefit from this comprehensive course on both basic and advanced Word techniques. Learn about an expansive array of Word functions, including crafting a simple document, saving and sharing files, and much more.

Add the almighty pivot table to your repertoire of Excel skills, and you’ll have a tool to help you drive important business decisions. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll be able to filter, reformat, and summarize large amounts of data, allowing you to identify patterns and relationships in what may otherwise seem like a nonsensical bunch of values.

With this course, you’ll master using Microsoft Access as a powerful way to tame large amounts of data. From crafting queries to designing customized forms, you’ll learn to build effective databases that will allow you to gather, manage, and interpret data faster than you’d ever thought possible.

  • Learn advanced Microsoft Access w/ over 30 lectures & 2.5 hours of content
  • Create tables using Application parts
  • Work w/ specialty queries: delete, union, statistical, etc.
  • Source data for and implement multiple & split forms
  • Customize forms by adding buttons, configuring input boxes, etc.
  • Design reports w/ conditional formatting, mailing labels, etc.
  • Create macros to automate data manipulation tasks
  • Learn advanced techniques: publish, share, encrypt & split your database

Increase your Microsoft Office efficiency and Pay what you want only at IGB Deals!

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