IGB Deals: Node Developer Bundle

Node developer Bundle: 6 Courses, 29 Hours of Content:

Build Quick, Scalable Network Apps w/ Node

Node Developer Bundle



What’s in the Bundle:

Node.js for Beginners Course ($99 value)

Use JavaScript to Create Fast, Scalable Network Applications

  • Over 30 lectures and 5 hours of content
  • Learn how Node allows you to use Javascript across both the front and back ends
  • Understand the foundation of the Node.js command line
  • Use the “Share” function between files
  • Capitalize on tons of career opportunities for Node developers
  • Code along with expert instructor Zeke Nierenberg


From-Zero-to-Hero Node Program ($197 value)

Build & Deploy Node, MongoDB & Expressjs Applications

  • Over 47 lectures and 6.5 hours of content
  • Explore JavaScript concepts
  • Learn enough Nodejs, MongoDB, and Expressjs to deploy apps to the cloud
  • Build Node.js apps from scratch
  • Use Git for deployment to Heroku
  • Deploy to Heroku & Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Learn Node.js by Example Course ($49 value)

Explore the Powerful Node.js Framework to Develop Applications

  •  Over 28 lectures and 3 hours of content
  • Explore what Node.js is, and when to use it
  • Develop an understanding of the Node,js event loop
  • Watch the development of real applications
  • Absorb patterns, tips, and best practices
  • Enhance applications developed during the course on your own
  • Use tools like the Express web framework and MongoDB


Introduction to Node.js Development Course ($59 value)

Write Fast, Asynchronous Code in Javascript to Power Your Websites

  • Over 16 lectures and 1 hour of content
  • 6 external resource files & 7 exercises
  • Create a server using Node
  • Build and deploy a Node application using Express
  • Understand MV* architectures
  • Look at server-side templating
  • Deploy your application on Heroku


JavaScript Server Technologies from Scratch Course ($99 value)

Understand Node.js, Express, Backbone.JS, Angular.JS & Ember.JS

  • Over 45 lectures and 10 hours of content
  • Build both server and client systems using just JavaScript
  • Create robust and scalable web applications
  • Master JavaScript and JQuery
  • Build web apps using Node.js, the Express framework, Backbone, Angular, and Ember


Advanced Node.js Development Course ($99 value)

Become More Expressive with Your Applications with AJAX

  • Over 41 lectures and 3 hours of content
  • Become an advanced Node user
  • Improve functionality of web applications
  • Implement AJAX, Asynchronous Javascript and XML (using JSON instead of XML)
  • Communicate between the client and the server without a full page refresh
  • Look at a Model-View-Controller (MVC) using BackboneJS
  • Explore the B=basics of BackboneJS
  • Implement user authentication within your applications using PassportJS

Get this Bundle for only $602 $39!

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