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IGB Deals: The ONEPLUS ONE Giveaway


Stay on the cutting edge with this fast, smooth and powerful new Android phone.

As an Android users, we know you love to stay up to date with the latest and greatest handsets, and that’s why we’re bringing you a chance to win the brand new ONEPLUS ONE. TIME magazine reviewed it as “Phone of Dreams” with the sub-header “It’s hard to imagine a better phone for Android geeks. Too bad you can’t get one.”.

Well, now’s your chance!

The OnePlus One is the most hyped-up handset ever to come from a brand that most people have never heard of. Just over a year ago, OnePlus as a company didn’t even exist. There’s no denying the amazing value of the OnePlus One, with hardware that can genuinely compete with the Galaxy S5 and Nexus 5. Check out the promotional video:

Head to IGB Deals for a chance to win a ONEPLUS ONE!



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