IGB Deals: Last chance to snatch The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle

It’s gonna be a long, hot summer both for you and your Mac. So why not ease your time and its durability with more than a few useful apps that grace the…

The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle

Tune Up Your Mac with 10 Exciting Apps Guaranteed to Refresh Your Workflow

Summer Mac Essentials Bundle
A bit more detailed overview:

  • Unibox
    Simple, Beautiful & Personal. A Fresh Take on Email.
    Take a fresh look at email with Unibox, a beautiful new email client that organizes your inbox by person and enables you to concentrate on actual human communication, as nature intended.
  • Noiseless
    Perfect Your Photos by Effortlessly Removing Digital Noise
    Noiseless’s advanced technology cleans up this digital noise fast, while retaining sharp details, all with a single-click!
  • Hider 2
    Easily Hide & Encrypt Your Private Files
    Hider makes it simple to keep your files locked up safely, but still easily accessible to you and only you.
  • NoteBook 4
    The Powerful & Versatile Note-Taking Solution
    NoteBook captures the perfect blend of the old school note-taking experience and innovative digital technology that will supercharge your productivity one note at a time!
  • App Tamer 2
    Optimize CPU Usage & Extend Your Mac’s Battery Life
    Whether your Mac is old or new, open apps and browser tabs consume CPU, even when they’re in the background. App Tamer puts an end to this, pausing apps in the background so they stop sucking the life from your Mac, with no effort on your part required.
  • iStat Menus 5
    Beautiful, Advanced System Monitor for Your Menu Bar
    iStat Menus, the most detailed Mac system monitor available, places useful information about your Mac right in the menu bar.
  • Beamer 2
    Stream Almost Anything to Your Apple TV
    Beamer lets you stream any kind of media (just like a regular desktop media player) from your Mac to your Apple TV. Simply open a movie file on your Mac and press play!
  • Chatology
    Quickly Search Your iMessages, Texts & Other Chats
    Chatology lets you find exactly what you’re looking for without frustration.
  • Jump Desktop
    Remotely & Reliably Connect to Any Mac or PC
    Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere with Jump Desktop, a remote desktop application that lets you securely connect to any computer in the world.
  • iMazing File Transfer Made Easy
    Transfer music & files to all of your iOS devices
    With the new two-way transfer feature, you can even drag and drop music from any device to iTunes- and visa versa- without iTunes account dependence or a device wipe.

Grab The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle over at IGB Deals for $19.99 (90% off).

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