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Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle 116


Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle 116 – 6 indie Steam PC games for a special price during the first 24 hours


Here’s what’s included in this weeks special bundle:

  • Overhell (STEAM) +  – Overhell is adrenaline shoot’em action, filled with lot of weapons, bosses and dangerous floors. Scene of action is “Satan’s Hotel” where you have to get to last level through barrels of blood, where you will be picked by helicopter. All started with banal search a group of sadists. You almost caught them but they have already started their rutial which cause uprising of terrible creatures from hell. You have no choice. Try to save your life…
  • A grande bagunça espacial – The big space mess (STEAM) +  – The game is a side-scrolling shooter. It contains 01 tutorial stage, 08 main stages with 02 optional stages each, 01 credits stage and 01 stage with different game mechanics, which is subdivided into 09 interdependent parts that form a complex puzzle. In total, there are 27 stages.
  • Nightmare on Azathoth (STEAM) +  – It starts on the 4th day. Ever since you arrived on this planet, you’ve felt a dark influence. You’ve lost all memories of your previous self. Who you’ve become is an even bigger mystery. The darkness hides the truth, and maybe it is in the darkness the truth should remain hidden. Something sinister has happened, but you don’t know exactly what took place. These dark silent ones, why do they want to kill you? When death arrives, why does it start all over again… You know you have to escape this planet, and this endless time loop. Yet there is something itching your mind, something tells you you’ll have to do more than just escape…
  • Midnight (STEAM) – In this golf-like game your task is to guide a little square shaped fairy, Midnight.
    Use your mouse to launch Midnight, but watch out this world is full of danger.
    Avoid the spikes, circular saws and other dangerous objects and complete all the 56 levels.
  • A Wolf in Autumn (STEAM) – A Wolf in Autumn is a dark, surreal psychological horror game, from the developer ofFingerbones,The Moon Sliver, and The Music Machine. It focuses on creating a short engaging horror experience that relies on narrative, pacing, context, and atmosphere rather than jump scares.
  • Ping Ping (STEAM) – Ping Ping is an interactive novel. The game doesn’t have music, buttons to smash, nor does it have zombies to kill. Instead it has a psychologically based story and choices that will create twists and turns throughout the game. Ping Ping is filled with countless choices, along with clocking in at over 80,000 words. Stumble down each path to tie the story together of her.

3 of the games come with Steam Trading Cards!

Looks good? Grab the Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle 116



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