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Indie Gala: FlatOut Bundle


FlatOut is adrenaline-filled muscle car racing game packed with explosive physics, spectacular effects and graphics, innovative game play mechanics and good old fun! In these high-speed races, the more damage you inflict, the better. The ultimate in turbo-charged cars and the craziest competitor drivers are waiting to test your best destructive streak. Responsible drivers need not apply.


FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction brings demolition racing to its extreme. Real world physics with 9 different game modes, and over 47 different vehicles available. FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is arcade destruction racing at its best and most extreme with real world physics, three different game modes and offering players a wide variety of online and offline multiplayer options.

This bundle includes:

  • FlatOut
  • FlatOut 2
  • FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction
  • FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Plus, you’ll get “Nothing in Common”, the debut album by The Ok Social Club.

Forget about seat belt. Get it over at Indie Gala.



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