Indie Gala: Hump Day Bundle #7

12 indie games in the latest Hump Day Bundle #7 on Indie Gala!

Set some years in the future, following a global economic and social crash, Data Hacker Initiation follows Jay; a retired hacker in search of vengeance.

Data Hacker: Corruption is a retro-inspired JPRG set within a virtual realm and a simulated Online Game. It is a narrative-driven game that questions the value and definition of life and its inherent value.

Join an eclectic cast of characters and embark on a fantastic journey in the vast archipelago of Adamaria, evoking the gods of the land, sea, and sky in your quest to rekindle the fire of hope in Elements: Soul of Fire.

Alter World is a game is inspired by Stephen King’s book – “The Dark Tower”.

The sun has disappeared from the sky! Darkness chokes the land, depriving it of all things good. Now it’s time for you to figure out how to bring the sun back! Get behind the wheel and find the sun in Night Shift!

Use your gold to earn upgrades for your shop, and unlock all the species in Crazy Plant Shop to win the game!

500 Years is an old school episodic space opera. The game is an adventure where you explore different star systems and meet the inhabitants, some friendly, and some not so friendly.

New kind of adventure is a 3D adventure game with RPG elements.

Take over a flower’s seedling to help it grow and reproduce before winter approaches. Carefully gather and manage three key resources needed to create flowers and fruits in Reach for the Sun.

Top Hat is a 2D action adventure platformer, just like old NES games. If you are tired of “games” in which you get hit by heavy machine gun and grenades, and all you need to do is cover behind the wall to replenish HP, then Top Hat is a perfect game for you!

Mountain is an ambient procedural mountain game.

With a world to explore, a past to uncover, and quite the task to complete, players must embark on a quest filled with monsters, towns, dungeons, bosses, and various platforming challenges in An Imp? A Fiend!

Hump Day Bundle #7 contains:

  • Data Hacker: Initiation
  • Data Hacker: Corruption
  • Elements: Soul of Fire
  • Alter World
  • Night Shift
  • Crazy Plant Shop
  • 500 Years: Act 1
  • New kind of adventure
  • Reach for the Sun
  • Top Hat
  • Mountain
  • An Imp? A Fiend!

Get your own Hump Day Bundle #7 over at Indie Gala.

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