Indie Gala Made in Hell Bundle

Ooooh, scary! Indie Gala Made in Hell Bundle consisting of 9 terrifyingly awesome Horror Steam Games is Live!


For for at least $1 you can get:

  • One Final Breath™ Episode One (STEAM) + tradingcard
  • Joe’s Diner (STEAM) + tradingcard
  • Pineview Drive (STEAM) + tradingcard

If you pay at least $2.99 you will also get:

  • 123 Slaughter Me Street (STEAM)
  • Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut (STEAM) + tradingcard
  • Lucius II (STEAM) + tradingcard
  • Lumber Island – That Special Place (STEAM)
  • The Archetype (STEAM)
  • Caffeine (STEAM) 

Get this Halloween themed bundle over at Indie Gala

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