Indie Gala The Anime Roses Bundle

The Anime Roses Bundle consisting of 7 Anime/Doujin Steam Games is live! (All with Steam Trading Cards)

Pay $1 or more to get these 3 Steam games:

  • CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ Deluxe (Voiced Version) (STEAM) + tradingcard
  • dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ (STEAM) + tradingcard
  • East Tower – Akio (STEAM) + tradingcard

Pay $3.49 or more (ONLY FIRST 24h) and get all 7 Steam games:

  • How to Take Off Your Mask (STEAM) + tradingcard
  • East Tower – Kuon (STEAM) + tradingcard
  • East Tower – Takashi (STEAM) + tradingcard
  • East Tower – Kurenai (STEAM) + tradingcard

Get this Doujin Bundle over at Indie Gala

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