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Indie Royale: The Debut 22 Bundle


Debut 22 Bundle debuts seven games!

Star-Twine is an abstract real-time strategy game in which you control a point of light created by a dying star. Battles unfold on sprawling three-dimensional maps as you collect energy and build structures to attack your opponent. Bit Shifter is a game where you’ll be in charge of cleaning the software of computer viruses. Star Nomad is a 2D top-down tribute to classic spacesims of old such as Elite, Wing Commander: Privateer, Escape Velocity and Freelancer. Survive seven days an an indie developer in Make it indie! It’s up to you to decide what to do: develop a new game or just have fun.

Narrative game East Tower – Akio and zombie shooter Cruel Arena are also included!

The Debut 22 Bundle includes:

  • East Tower – Akio
  • Star-Twine
  • Cruel Arena
  • Bit Shifter
  • Bomb the Monsters!
  • Star Nomad
  • Make it indie!

Grab The Debut 22 Bundle over at Indie Royale!



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