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Indie Royale: Mystery Bundle #2


Indie Royale: Mystery Bundle is back in its second incarnation. Let’s remind, Mystery Bundle functions in a way that new games are being unlocked as days roll by; unlike other bundles where you already know what you get except for one or two bonus games. It’s an interesting (and risky) endeavor, but if you grab it sooner the price will be cheaper as well.

Four games have been announced so far in Indie Royale: Mystery Bundle!

Dreaming Sarah is an adventure platformer where you play as Sarah, a girl who is in a coma trying to wake up. Vanguard Princess is a 2D fighting game that features an all-female cast each with their own unique fighting style. Choose from ten girls with unique fighting skills and pair them with a powerful partner to form an unstoppable team.


Steel & Steam is a Jrpg Fantasy Steampunk Adventure! A new threat is coming from the space; the plasma insects. Exterminate the vermin! Beat your own score and compare it with the other players in C-RushGrimind is a 2D physics based adventure, platform game in horror/creepy theme. Grimind casts you into forgotten caves and ancient crypts, without memories. Rhythm Destruction is a rhythm shump game., inspired by classics such as Ikaruga and infused with the intensity of addictive rhythm gameplay.

Ballpoint Universe is a side-scrolling shooter / platform adventure game about a doodle named Doodle. Creative, right? Ichi is an easy to play but challenging one button puzzle game. Don’t be deceived by the game simplistic look, it’s a braintwister for sure!

We’ll be updating this article as new games get unlocked!

Indie Royale: Mystery Bundle includes:

  • Dreaming Sarah
  • Vanguard Princess
  • Steel & Steam
  • C-Rush
  • Grimind
  • Rhythm Destruction
  • Ballpoint Universe
  • Ichi
  • more games coming soon!

Grab Indie Royale: Mystery Bundle here!


    • It gives only a Steam key for it (Vanguard Princess doesn’t have a DRM-free, non-Steam, version on Desura, which I find… odd and somewhat problematical for an Indie Royale bundled game, but won’t be a problem for you if you’re fine with Steam).

      The “Director’s Cut” is on Steam as a free DLC, so for practical purposes it is the director’s cut, even though technically the bundle doesn’t include it (imagine the shouts they’ll get if they’ll list a free DLC as an extra item in the bundle).

      • Yeah. Thanks for the reply :). I saw later that the DLC indeed was free. I already had Vanguard princess but thought that maybe this included the other DLCs which isn’t free 🙂

        As for DRM-free or not I don’t really care. Thing with Steam is that if you start using it you may prefer to have your games there. Even though DRM-free maybe make more sense (also with DRM-free do you store everything yourself just in case or just assume the various sites will be around? In the case of Steam/Valve I’d assume a heads up before it goes away ..)


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