Indie Royale: The Debut Bundle #27

7 indie games for the first time in one bundle. The Debut Bundle #27 is out!

Flip Riders™ is the latest installment in the popular Flip Riders™ game series, packed full with features, exciting content and a lot freebies (not to mention a few minor fixes).

More new and exciting usable items like the bird whistle, crane controller and more make for new and exciting puzzles await you in Lilly and Sasha: Guardian Angels.

Galagan’s Island is an Arcade style Space Shooter with loving homage to classic arcade style and difficulty.

Wave Mechanics is a simplistic yet challenging puzzle game with procedurally generated puzzles.

Jelly Dreams is a fun puzzle, in cartoon style, based on the classic Sokoban genre, which includes many challenges such as the use of magic potions, portals and special cubes.

Match 3 Revolution is a game with 100 varied levels and many original game styles: click a ball, draw a line, drop a ball and play pinball.

Fortify Special Edition is a real-time strategy game with a tower defense feel. Defend your castle from attacking monsters and siege weapons by using ranged and melee defenders, catapults, cannons, oil fields and more.

The Debut Bundle #27 includes:

  • Flip Riders
  • Lilly and Sasha: Guardian Angels
  • Galagan’s Island
  • Wave Mechanics
  • Jelly Dreams
  • Match 3 Revolution
  • Fortify Special Edition

Get your copy of The Debut Bundle #27 over at Indie Royale.

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