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IndieGala Audiobook Bundle: Cthulhu Mythos HorrorBabble


IndieGala Audiobook Bundle: Cthulhu HorrorBabble just launched on Monday, June 13 at 11 a.m. Pacific time! Includes classics like The Call of Cthulhu by HP Lovecraft.

Chilling horror audio from both classic and contemporary authors including H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Duane W. Rimel, Frank Belknap Long, Henry Kuttner, Mearle Prout, Robert Bloch, Robert E. Howard, Robert W. Lowndes. You didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway, right?

All of the products available in this bundle are DRM-FREE.

IndieGala Audiobook Bundle: Cthulhu Mythos HorrorBabble will be available to purchase over at IndieGala until June 22nd 2022 for just $4.99.

Listen anywhere. These books are available in MP3 and FLAC formats, meaning you can listen to them anywhere at any time.


  1. I might have to ask my wife if she’s interested in this one. She likes horror (usually movies) and will listen to audio books. Who knows… Most of these are short stories, written around 1930 or so. By today’s standards, they’re probably not likely to be very scary. Just as an FYI, they’re all narrated by the same person. So, if you don’t like the voice, then this one isn’t going to be for you.

    They do offer audio samples for each of the books, so you can get a taste of them before buying.

    • The narrator is incredibly important for audiobooks, I hike a lot and I’m always listening to something and if the narrator is flat, bad, or is just difficult to understand, I give up and find something else. As for these books, I read a lot of Lovecraft when I was a teen, he’s certainly…something. You can see he was not all that sane just by his writing. I liked his stories, though.


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