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IndieGala Champions Glory Bundle


IndieGala Champions Glory Bundle just launched – a game bundle of 6 Steam games including Die Young, To the Moon, Plague Inc: Evolved and 3 more games.

So what’s in this game bundle? Pay $3.99 to get the all 6 games:

The price of this game bundle will increase to $4.99 after the promo period.

5 games out 6 featured in this PC Steam game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All 6 titles in this game collection activate on Steam via separate Steam keys. All games are playable on Windows.

Buy the IndieGala Champions Glory Bundle here


  1. Not bad, but a bit disappointing they’ve bundled the two IG games with games that have each been bundled 100 times before, I think a lot of people will already own 2/3 of this one.

  2. Hatred is banned in Australia. So if you want to own a copy, this is a way to get it.
    It’s basically an updated version of the first Postal game.
    It’s enjoyable in shorter sessions. Like most games, it gets repetitive, with a 3rd person isometric view, you just run around killing people. It does have a story line, and decent, if dark, graphics and sound. I had fun.

  3. Hey, not bad. Indie Gala guys, if you want more people buying your bundles you should make more bundles like this and less cheap bundles with asset flips.


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