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IndieGala Exotic Riddles Bundle

Another indie Steam collection by Indie Gala is live. Get 12 Steam keys for cheap with the new IndieGala Game Bundle, including My Stepmom is a Futanari, Neko Hacker+ and 10 more indie games for $2.49

Indie Gala Midnight Whispers Bundle

Get 12 Steam games in the IndieGala Exotic Riddles Bundle for a total of $2.49 before the price increases to $2.99 on January 14th:

1 of 12 titles featured in this PC indie game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All 12 titles in this indie game collection activate on Steam via separate Steam keys. All games are playable on Windows, few of them are also playable on Mac and/or Linux.

Buy the IndieGala Exotic Riddles Bundle here


  1. I know the answer to this… terrible sliding puzzle games that reward you with second rate hentai porn when you win, when the entire internet is full of much better quality porn that you don’t have to pay money for or jump through stupid hoops to view.

    What do I win?


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