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IndieGala House of Heroes Bundle


Another collection of Steam indie games by Indie Gala is live. Get 8 Steam keys for cheap with the latest IndieGala Game Bundle, collecting Traffix, Satan’s Castle, Who Is This Man and five more games for $2.99

Pay $2.99 (before the price goes up to $3.49 on May 5th) to get the all 8 games in the IndieGala House of Heroes Bundle:

1 games out 8 featured in this PC Steam game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All 8 titles in this game collection activate on Steam via separate Steam keys. All games are playable on Windows.

Buy the IndieGala House of Heroes Bundle here


  1. Games with achievements:
    -Who is this Man
    -Hero Generations: ReGen (+Trading Cards)
    -Animals Memory: Dogs
    -Animals Memory: Cats

    Fairly good value for boosting your perfect games count. None of the games look too hard.

  2. I never understood who would buy these shovelware bundles until I read the IndieGala group forum on Steam and found someone complaining about them always being full of asset flips. He actually posted that he had no intention of ever playing any of these games, he just bought the bundles to increase his game count (because… reasons), and when Steam removes the asset flips his game count goes down. And so he was asking for them to include less crap games… that he’d never play.

    • Games with Trading Cards can produce value although they tend to be limited in bundles like this. The cards themselves can be sold/traded or broken down into gems. People in some trading locations trade games for cards/gems.

      These bundles also provide games to achievement hunters who want to boost their perfect game count. Achievement hunters don’t have one specific standard they go by, some just want large numbers while others only perfect games they think are worth playing. This bundle is for the former group.

      • The cards for shovelware never sell for more than a few cents each, minus the 2 cents Steam takes for low value cards makes them next to worthless. You’d be lucky to earn 15 cents out of a bundle like this.

        I’ve never really understood why people buy games for achievements, though. Since achievement spam became a thing they don’t mean much as people aren’t earning them by doing anything significant, they can just buy them and make a number go up. Don’t mean to sound rude, just curious, is all.

        • The cards being low price would probably make it better to break them down into gems.

          There are different kinds of achievement hunters. I’ve heard some people want 1 million perfect games. This would be good good for them. When looking at someone’s achievements it is up to you to decide if you like their list or not. There is achievement spam, and on the flip side, stuff that is just dumb. I like to use Final Fantasy III as an example of the latter. The game takes maybe 40 hours to complete, getting you all but one achievement. The last achievement requires 150 hours or more of grinding after you’ve completed everything in game.


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