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IndieGala Visual Choice Bundle


Want to expand your Steam library with a bunch of Visual Novels? Get 7 Steam keys for cheap with the new IndieGala Game Bundle, including Fires At Midnight, Tell a Demon and 5 more visual novels for $4.49 total.

Get 7 Steam games in the IndieGala Visual Choice Bundle for a total of $4.49 (before the price increases to $4.99 on March 31st):

0 of 7 titles featured in this PC indie game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All 7 titles in this indie game collection activate on Steam via separate Steam keys. All games are playable on Windows, some of them might also playable on Mac and/or Linux.

Buy the IndieGala Visual Choice Bundle here


  1. They just gave away a visual novel game, and now they want you to pay for them?

    I’ve tried a few, but I find them so dull. It’s almost always the same romantic drivel. If these were more like the old Choose Your Own Adventure novels from the 80’s, I’d be more interested. Hell, even those got interesting by having a 2 player type of scenario (you had 2 books and 2 readers, which had linked stories).

    A quick skim of the Steam pages seems to indicate most of these fall into the romance genre, with other genres spliced in to make them less shit. Pumpkin Eater seems well regarded from what I could see. If this is your thing, then you might enjoy these.


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