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IndieGala Winter Jam Bundle


IndieGala Winter Jam Bundle just launched – a game bundle of 8 Steam games including 30 days to survive, Fill all, Bomber-un and 5 more indie games for $2.49 total

IndieGala Winter Jam Bundle

Pay $2.49 (before the price goes up to $3.99 on December 3rd) to get all 8 games in this Steam game bundle:

0 games out 8 featured in this PC Steam game bundle come with Steam Trading Cards. All 8 titles in this game collection activate on Steam via separate Steam keys. All games are playable on Windows.

Buy the IndieGala Winter Jam Bundle here


  1. I know it’s kind of redundant by now pointing out that an IndieGala bundle is rubbish, but holy sweet mother of…
    If you tasked me with curating a bundle containing the absolute worst garbage on Steam I’m not sure I could do a better job than they’ve done here. Maybe in addition to all the Laush Dmitriy games I would have included a few Ghost_RUS shovelware turds as well, otherwise this is as bad as it gets.

    • To be fair, the first few games have relatively positive reviews. The first one looks like it could be fun for 5 minutes. The rest… Yeah, not so much.

      Clearly people keep buying the bundles though, otherwise I’m sure they’d stop. I haven’t picked one up in a while, they are generally just shit.

      • Laush, like Ghost_RUS, always have positive reviews. They’re part of some Russian network that give away keys in exchange for getting their games upvoted.

      • And like Negan said, it’s about game count. I remember back when IndieGala used to release bundles with asset flips reading a comment on their Steam page from a disgruntled purchaser complaining about it. Hooray, I thought, someone who despises scammers as much as I do. But no, he went on to lament that Steam keeps removing these games and then they get subtracted from his game count. He actually stated he has no intention of playing any of these games, he just buys them because they’re cheap and increase his count, so if they could please stop including shit games that get removed and start adding shit games that don’t, he’d appreciate it.


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