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Itch.io GDC Relief Bundle


This GDC Relief bundle will be available from Monday the 30th of March, to the 3rd of April.

Generous game developers have donated their games, both commercial and experimental, paid and non-commercial, but also assets, art, music, code, and prototypes to this fund-raiser bundle, powered by itch.io.

Also included are a number of games created during the course of our recent #reliefjam! Pay what you like, get some lovely games or tools to make games of your own, and benefit developers in need.

Pay anything to get 167 games, most of them DRM free, but some come with limited amount of Steam keys:

Plus over a hundred DRM-free games including great indie hits like Nuclear Throne and tons of hidden gems. Check out the full bundle on the link below:

Buy The Itch.io GDC Relief Bundle here



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