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Keep your kids protected online with Black Friday savings on smartphone tracker


Keep Tabs of Your Children’s Smartphone Activities & Prevent Potential Dangers Online with This Trusted Tracking App.

The combination of modern technology and recent educational and social realities have made it essentially unavoidable to supply children with internet access at a young age. While there is plenty for kids to gain from such an array of endless information, unfortunately, there are also constant online threats that put them at risk.

Parents can’t entirely eliminate the dangers that can accompany internet activity, but they can use tools and develop new approaches to ensure optimized protection is provided for their children. More than 1.5 million parents across the world trust mSpy Mobile Phone Tracker for that online safety, and we’re currently offering a unique opportunity to join them.

For a limited time, our Pre-Black Friday Doorbusters deal discounts the cost of a lifetime subscription to the mSpy Mobile Phone Tracker from nearly $4,000 to only $99.99. That price drop provides peace of mind without breaking the bank, and even comes with an added bonus.

mSpy is available for iOS and Android devices, providing parents with insights that are easy to understand. Gathered information includes incoming and outgoing texts — including those that have been deleted — along with call history, GPS location of the device, web history, and social media usage.

Easy installation and remote monitoring make this a simple solution for parents who feel the need to keep a closer eye on their child’s online activity. All data is encrypted and protected, so only parents can access it.

Data is updated approximately every five minutes, keeping users up-to-date on any potential issues. Plus, 24/7 multilingual support is available throughout your subscription should any questions or concerns arise.

Prevent your kids from encountering unwanted risks by picking up a lifetime subscription to the mSpy Mobile Phone Tracker for only $99.99 (reg. $3,599) while Pre-Black Friday Doorbusters pricing lasts.

Prices subject to change.


  1. Safety? This is an invasion of privacy and a good way to get your kids to hate you. Regularly $3600? That’s a joke. Normally this site has a little bit of integrity, but this one, to shame.


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