Koingo Mac Essentials Bundle

It’s still a long, hot summer both for you and your Mac. So why not ease your time and its durability with more than a few useful apps that grace the Koingo Mac Essentials Bundle.


$110 worth of apps in the Koingo Mac Essentials Bundle:

  • AirRadar 3

Jet lag is one thing, but finding a free and open Wi-Fi network may just be your biggest travel woe. AirRadar remedies this by tracking your location, registering open networks, and saving that data for later reference. Easily pinpoint the closest usable networks, and view previously visited hotspots to connect in a familiar place.

  • MacPilot 7

Few Mac owners ever harness the full potential of their devices, but you can avoid this fate with MacPilot 7. Unlock over 1,200 less-known features and easily control them using the Mac UI instead of command line tools or file operations. From displaying hidden files in Finder to tweaking your Dock’s appearance, you’ll easily access your Mac’s untapped power.

  • MacCleanse 5

Keep your computer organized with MacCleanse, the premier file cleanup system for Mac. You’ll access a wide array of tools to find and delete any files clogging up your hard drive and slowing down your computer. This program is your ticket to freeing up precious hard drive space, speeding up your device, and maximizing your productivity like never before.

  • Data Guardian 3

DataGuardian is a digital vault for all your sensitive data. Instead of listing data like phone numbers and passwords in normal text files, you can compile them in an encrypted DataGuardian file. With the robust protection of 448-bit Blowfish encryption and features like automatic backup, you can rest assured your precious information is safe and secured from hackers.

  • Alarm Clock Pro 10

With Alarm Clock Pro, you can wake up to a serenade of your favorite songs instead of those heart attack-causing noises. But this program isn’t just an alarm clock—automate customized email reminders, perform system tasks, and much more. Start your morning right—and ensure the rest of your day goes just as smoothly with Alarm Clock Pro.


Grab The Koingo Mac Essentials Bundle over at IGB Deals for $24.99 (77% off).

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