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Laser League Beta Steam Key Giveaway


EDIT: This giveaway has ended!

Laser League is the upcoming competitive multiplayer “sport of the future” game from 505 Games and Roll7, known for the award-winning OlliOlli series and NOT A HERO.


Blink and you are dead! LASER LEAGUE is the new last-word in high-speed, future-sports team action. Battle against the opposition for control of nodes that bathe the arena in deadly light. Evade rival coloured beams, and fry your opponents with speed, strength and strategy.

We’re giving away 1500 Steam keys that will give you access to Laser League Beta. – with probably more keys to be added later, if these go “woosh” to fast.

A Steam closed beta test for online multiplayer game Laser League will be live this weekend! The servers will be open from 18:00 GMT Friday until 18:00 GMT Sunday.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

All major features are in the game;

  • Over 60 characters from 5 Unique brands
  • Select from 6 unique and spectacular classes; SMASH, THIEF, GHOST, SHOCK, SNIPE and BLADE.
  • Play up to 4v4 intense offline or online matches
  • Compete on 3 packed international Stadiums and master up to 10 laser maps.
  • 16 available power ups drastically change gameplay momentum
  • Level up to unlock over 250 character customizations.

To claim your free Steam key, simply complete 1 step in the widget below:

Laser League Beta Steam Key Giveaway

NOTE: Make sure to redeem your key on Steam as soon as possible as they do have an expiry date! Enjoy playing!


  1. I can’t unlock the first action. I joined the group on Steam, then it says sorry limited steam account are not allowed. My steam account isn;t limited.
    What a stupid giveaway.

    • Probably a level 0 account? Often used by bots, so it’s locked for limited accounts. Also it can be that your account has privacy settings to the max, that might also be the case.

      • No, I’m level 8. But I just saw you can get beta keys at humble where you don’t have to jump through hoops. Thanks anyway.


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