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Learn How to Operate Voice, Chat, and Vision Bots


Voice, chat, and vision bots are increasing in popularity like never before. They’re everywhere — from video games to smartphones to digital assistants — which makes it more important than ever to tap into their great potential. With the Voice, Chat, and Vision Bots Bundle, learn how to operate these powerful tools with ease!

Kick things off by learning how voice and text interfaces, plus current trends in human-computer interaction, relate to voice bots. Then, dive deep into Amazon’s Alexa, Lex, and Echo to understand how they come together to form a voice bot ecosystem. Understanding this and interaction models like utterances, intents, slots, and more primes you to build apps for Alexa in no time!

In addition, this bundle — featuring more than 20 hours of instructional content — teaches you how to build vision apps with Sikuli, a powerful automation tech available via Python and Java. It also guides you through building chat bots with Google DialogFlow and Amazon Lex.

Grab the Voice, Chat, and Vision Bots Bundle at IGB Deals today for $29.



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