List of Free PC Games (Updated Nov 5th 2022)

If you like free PC games and free Steam keys, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our latest list of all the best AAA and indie free games this week, starting with Warhammer: Vermintide 2 free on Steam, Fallout: New Vegas free via Amazon Prime Gaming and much more freebies!

Check out the list of free PC games for this week:

List of Free PC Games (Updated Nov 5th 2022)

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What’s free on Steam this week:


You can grab the awesome co-op fantasy FPS Warhammer 2: Vermintide for free on Steam until November 7th at 7 PM CET! This game is great with friends or even with total randos.

Free Game on Steam and GOG: Phoning Home

Phoning Home is a sci fi survival game and it’s now permanently available for free. Get a free Steam key or a free DRM-free download at GOG, your choice!

Get a Free Internet Cafe Simulator Steam Key at Fanatical

Available for a limited time, so hurry! To celebrate Fanatical’s 10th Birthday Bash, grab your free Steam key of Internet Cafe Simulator for free! More about it at this post.

There are also a couple of new free DLC offers on Steam at this moment:

What’s free at Epic Games Store this week?

rising storm 2 free game

Epic Games Store is giving away two free PC games this week:

  • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, a 64-player multiplayer game will be free to download at Epic Games Store starting this Thursday, November 3rd until November 10th.
  • Filament is a sci fi exploration puzzle game. If you like head-scratchers, make sure to get this PC game for free at this link before Nov 10th 2022.

epic games

NEXT WEEK at Epic you can get the awesome Commandos-like game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and Alba – A Wildlife Adventure, an open world exploration game with great reviews.

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Any other new DRM-free free game deals?

Free Game on Steam, GOG and Xbox: Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage

Grab the latest addition to GOG’s list of free games – Destroy All Humans: Clone Carnage, now free on Xbox, GOG and Steam! Read all about it here.

Indie Gala is offering 4 free PC games for free at this moment. All of the following come as DRM-free downloads:

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Free Games With Amazon Prime for November 2022:

Amazon Prime Free Games For November 2022 Revealed

Got Amazon Prime?

During the month of November 2022, get Fallout New Vegas GOTY edition, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Facility 47, plus, more games! 


  • If you are Amazon Prime member: just head over here and claim the games.
  • If you are not Amazon Prime member: You can still get these games for free with a trial account. To get all the games listed above, just subscribe to Amazon Prime (that also includes Prime Gaming, previously know as Twitch Prime) FOR FREE. After the initial free trial period (that you can cancel anytime), Amazon Prime costs from $2.99 to $12.99 per month depending on your country. If you plan to “snatch games and cancel subscription”, don’t forget to unsubscribe!
  • Read more about it here.

One more freebie at Amazon Prime for this month is the Flames of the Nether DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. Get it at this link. Available until November 9th.

8 Best Free VR Games to Play Right Now

Check out my list of best VR games you can grab at the moment.

Other curated lists of free games on IndieGameBundles:

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