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Metro Exodus is coming to Humble Choice on May 4th

Humble Bundle announced that the critically acclaimed hit Metro Exodus will be featured in May’s Choice lineup, available starting May 4nd at 10am PT. Metro Exodus is an epic, story-driven first person shooter from 4A Games that blends deadly combat and stealth with exploration and survival horror in one of the most immersive game worlds ever created.

Humble Choice May 2021 will also be featuring many other games ranging from AAA to indie gems like Darksiders GenesisHellpoint, and 9 more games for a total value of $260.

Join Choice today and get 3 months for $9/month!

Don’t wait for May! For a limited time, new customers can sign up for Choice and get 3 months for only $9/month. Join by May 4th to lock in your discount and get access to April Choice now.

You can still get the Humble Choice April 2021, available to buy from April 6th 2021 to May 4th 2021, collecting the following games:


It’s Your Choice
Humble Monthly is now Humble Choice. More games every month. You choose the ones you want to keep forever.
No More Mystery
All games revealed upfront on the first Tuesday of every month. No more waiting to find out what you’re getting each month.
Great Perks
5% donated to charity every month. Plus access to 90+ games in the Humble Trove and up to 20% off on the Humble Store.


  1. Keen, but the last time they advertised a big game ahead of time (Control) the rest of the bundle was rubbish.

  2. AND they managed to even fuck that up by giving a “Standard Edition” which is labeled as the “Ultimate Edition” yet did not include the DLC. To put icing on the cake, the publisher then pulled the ability to buy the DLC on Steam so the only way to get the DLC on Steam is to rebuy the entire game with the bundled DLC. Furthermore, it seems that the two version aren’t at patch parity with the Humble version based on an old build which from what I gather isn’t getting the proper patches.


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