OtakuMaker: Bundle #5

OtakuMaker: Bundle #5

Otaku Bundle offers tons of bundles at discount prices. If you’re into indie game bundles be sure to consider the other products on offer.

  • 6 Games Only : $1.49
  • 2 bundles instead of 1 ( 12 keys Games ): $1.99
  • 5 bundles instead of 1 For ( 30 keys Games ) : $2.99
  • 10 bundles instead of 1 For ( 60 keys Games ) : $4.99


  • Indie Game Battle
  • Indie Game Battle is a multiplayer fighting game for up to 8 players inspired by the Super Smash Bros series. However, Indie Game Battle features indie characters instead! Indie Game Battle plays much like our very own version of Smash Bros. However, some core differences are the team-based gameplay, the status effect system, and the PP meter.

    • ShipLord

    ShipLord is a survival game based on an asteroid dodging mechanics and energy collection, combined with interactive boss fights. ShipLord is a space avoid-er mixed with interesting boss fights and breathtaking visuals, with a reward system to take your skill to another lvl.

    • An Imp? A Fiend!

    Stuck in the Underworld without the slightest clue why, a young fiend has a bit of a mystery to solve in this action/adventure platformer. With a world to explore, a past to uncover, and quite the task to complete, players must embark on a quest filled with monsters, towns, dungeons, bosses, and various platforming challenges.

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    • Alpha Runner

    Experience a challenging and addicting platform game, that never ends (until you die). Alpha Runner keeps players on their toe’s by creating different scenerio’s so the game is not quite as easy as it looks. Alpha Runner has both Global and Friends Only leaderboards which allow you to be the very best between friends and others.

    • Invasion

    In the near future the land invaded by huge colonies of alien creatures . They’re going to destroy all of mankind , and to consolidate their race as the inhabitants of the earth . To prevent them is to create , you have to destroy them and destroy their space station in outer space!

    • Locked-in syndrome

    This is a story of a man who has been closed in his own subconscious. In medicine we call that state “locked-in syndrome”. The main character is going to solve all the riddles of his own conscious and find the way out or he’ll stay there for good.

    Head over to Otaku Bundle to pick up this bundle and others. Buy in bulk and save!

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