OtakuMaker: Steam Indie Bundle #6

OtakuMaker: Steam Indie Bundle #6

Otaku Maker is a new game bundle & Giveaway site, indie game deal starting at $0.99 : Steam, Indiegamestand, itch.io games and promos.

Pay $1.49 for the following:

  • Fitz The Fox

Designed to resemble a game for a classic portable game system with simple game play, pixelated graphics, and a 4-color color pallet.

  • Koala Kids

Koala Kids is a puzzle-platformer game, in the style of retro games like Lode Runner. Includes Hot-seat Coop and Level Editor.

  • Stigmat

Little game about a small but brave and courageous creature who lost the most precious thing in life – his only eye. Walking on a sunny hills, our hero meets the most ruthless and evil enemies in the underworld – Doctor Worm.

hyperspace pinball

  • Hyperspace Pinball

Hyperspace Pinball has players fighting off an alien invasion using pinball controls in a high intensity action game for all ages! Score big points by collecting power-ups, running loops, defeating mini-bosses and conquering mini-challenges.

  • Your Quest

You awaken to the dawn of a new world. It’s streams are clean, the forests lush and the local wildlife is hungry.  You’re cold and in need of shelter as you hear other voices on the wind. You are not alone.

  • Glass Wing

A nice little 3D puzzle platformer that takes after a lot of my fond memories with great N64 games! This title won 3rd place during the 64digits 2014 spring contest!

Get this Steam indie bundle over at OtakuMaker!

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