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Kiss My Bundles: The Reprisal Bundle

Reprisal Bundle includes: Marine Sharpshooter, Manhunter, iBomber Attack, Glacier 3, Hostile Waters: Anteus Rising, Hyper Fighters, Gun Metal, iBomber Defence Pacific

Kiss My Bundles: The Lunar Bundle +

Lunar Bundle + includes: Q.U.B.E. : The Directors Cut, Pester, Pressured, Smash Cat, Steam Heroes, Ampu-Tea, Lunar Panda Deluxe, Storm In A Teacup

Kiss My Bundles: Kiss My Funbox

Kiss My Funbox Bundle includes: Incoming & Incoming Forces, SRS Street Racing Syndicate, CT Special Forces, Desert Thunder, Actua Soccer, Gun Metal, Eurofighter Typhoon, Glacier 3

Kiss My Bundles: The Liberty Bundle

The Liberty KissMyBundle includes: Space Farmers, Lunar Panda Deluxe, Culling of the Cows, Chip, The Tribloos 2, GoldRush Classic, Rover Rescue, Pixel Puzzle Undeadz

The Speed Kiss My Bundle

Grab 8 speedy games for just $4.19, and save over $60! Includes fast games such as Speed Kills, Racer 8, SRS Street Racing Syndicate and more. Steam keys.

Kiss My Bundles: The All Hallows’ KissMyBundle!

All Hollows' Bundle includes: Lucius, Realms of the Haunting, Soulbringer, Litil Divil, Darkout, Radical Roach, Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi, Grimind