The Flying Bundle XV

Flying Bundle XV is out, with 7 games and 1 more to be unlocked later on! Pay at least $2.50 for Circuits, Crow, EvilQuest, Guns n Zombies, and more!

Gamersgate: Alan Wake and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sales

The two scary franchises are on discounted sale for the next two days (as of now). You can get any of the individual games up to 75% off, or just get the complete bundles also at discounted prices!

Indie Gala: Every Monday Bundle #44 + Free Game (Words for Evil)

Every Monday Bundle #44 includes: Save the Furries, Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory, Words for Evil, Dwarf Tower, Luna: Shattered Hearts Ep. 1, Basketball Pro Management 2014

Daily Indie Game: IN SPAAACE!

IN SPAAACE! is a first-person astronaut spacewalk simulator where you attempt to repair broken space stations, get through massive asteroid fields, and avoid flying into the sun.

IndieGameStand: Plazma Being

Take control of Zeb in this puzzle/platformer. He is a small energy based life form from space, known as a Plazma Being.

IGB Deals: Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle

Game making has never been easier, and if you ever aspired to make your dream game, and yet don't know how to - this bundle may help you out! The 7 presented courses will fill you up on Unity, HTML5, Android and iOS game Creation and other tips and tricks on how to make mobile or desktop games!

Free Steam Beta Key: Interloper

Interloper is an intense real-time strategy game with very short 5 minute games. The goal of the game is to cover the level with your domain. Produce drones, attack the enemy, expand, build more, attack, win and do it all over again!

GoG: 3 Sam & Max games 90 % off

The anthropomorphic dog and the hyperkinetic rabbit are currently available at GoG with 90% reduced pricing! The games on sale are Sam & Max - The Devil's Playhouse, Sam & Max Save the World and Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space!

Amazon digital deals

Check out the hand picked digital Amazon deals! Get Valkyria Chronicles for 50% off, or maybe The Evil Within for $20.40, and the underrated, but amazing Last Remnant is also 50% off... Look inside for other offers!

Review: GRAV (Early Access)

Brandon Dayton reviews GRAV, a futuristic sandbox game featuring multiple worlds to explore. Build the biggest fortress you can, or be a roaming bandit stealing whatever you can from unlocked containers and houses. It's sorta Rust... IN SPAAACE!!

Free Game: Snow (Beta signup)

Discover the most authentic winter action sports game to date and experience the true meaning of freeriding and freestyle! Sign up for beta and receive a FREE Steam Beta Key!

Indie Gala: Steel Warz Bundle

Steel Warz Bundle includes: Inside The Gear, Showtime!, Z: Steel Soldiers, Robowars, Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold - Collector's Edition, Pressured, Psichodelya, Game Tycoon 1.5

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