IGB Deals: Password Boss Lifetime Subscription

Password Boss Lifetime Subscription

Total Organization, Total Security: One Master Password to Rule Them All

Use this premium app to store and auto-fill usernames and passwords for all your online accounts. Just remember one master password, and let Password Boss do the rest. This means you’ll aways be using strong passwords composed of randomized character strings, for maximum security and peace-of-mind.

  • Use one master password to fill in unique usernames & passwords for different websites
  • Store an unlimited number of passwords
  • Auto-fill forms on websites w/ saved passwords
  • Access your passwords anywhere w/ syncing across devices
  • Share passwords w/ unlimited number of people
  • Prevent data theft by deleting data from lost devices & utilizing 2-step verification

password boss

If you’re willing to stick to just one device, with no syncing, sharing, or online backup, you can use Password Boss for free. Schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations can apply to get free access to Premium features.

Every installation of the free Password Boss runs with all Premium features for the first 30 days, giving you a chance to decide whether you want to pay. Once finished with the quick and easy installation process, you’ll create your account and define a master password. As with all the best password managers, the master password is known only to you. There’s no way a disgruntled Password Boss employee could decrypt your data. Conversely, if you forget that master password there’s no way to recover. The program requires a strong master password, and includes a strong warning that you’d better not forget it.

Get your Password Boss Lifetime Subscription from IGB Deals!

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