Pay What You Want: VPN Lifetime Subscription Bundle


Try out a year of VPN with AnonVPN: 1-Yr Subscription for a pay what you want price, or beat the average and get both AnonVPN Lifetime Edition and Nonkly Disposal Email: Lifetime Subscription.

AnonVPN is special in that it’s a zero log VPN, and does not house any of your personal information on its servers. No credit card details, no PayPal accounts, they even suggest you use a different email address when you sign up. You’ll feel secure and get all the perks a VPN of this class brings: unlimited bandwidth, access to any site or streaming service globally, and protection from hackers and cyber thieves, all while surfing in complete anonymity.

  • Enjoy fully secure Internet at full speeds
  • Bypass geological restrictions & censorship to stream anything, anywhere
  • Utilize multiple server locations in the US, London, Amsterdam & Singapore
  • Access your chat, email client & web apps securely on public Wi-Fi networks
  • Get peace of mind that none of your personal info is stored on AnonVPN’s servers
  • Enjoy the Zero Log policy

Get protected for a year (or life) over at IGB Deals for a pay what you want price

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