Professional Photo Editing Bundle

Professional Photo Editing Bundle

This photography editing online bundle comes with the following courses:

  • Edit Like a Pro 1: Navvy on the Liffey – Focusing on an individual night shot of Dublin’s Quays, this course will teach you specific photo editing techniques in Adobe Lightroom that will help you dramatically improve night shots. The best way to learn photo editing is by doing, and this course will give you hands-on experience.
  • Edit Like a Pro 2: Beckett Bridge at Sunset – Everybody has attempted a sunset picture at some point, but the lighting always seems to be off. In this course, you’ll learn how to take perfect sunset shots and balance out the contrast in editing to achieve the brilliant color you’re looking for.
  • Edit Like a Pro 3: Light Trails on O’Connell Street Bridge – Learn how to create amazing time lapse effects with Adobe Lightroom in this crash course editing a photo from Dublin’s iconic O’Connell Street Bridge. Combine photos and manipulate light to add a distinct “wow” factor to your imaging! You’ll be editing like a pro before you know it.
  • Edit Like a Pro 4: Castletown Stately Home – In this quick, hands-on course, you’ll run through the Adobe Lightroom Develop module in detail by editing a landscape image of the Castletown House in County Kildare, Ireland. You’ll work from two distinct approaches, resulting with one color panorama photo, and one black and white version edited with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. The best way to learn photo editing is by doing it, and this quick course will show you how.
  • Photo Magic! 7 Easy Tips For You to Get Superb Night Photos – Night photography can be a tricky business, but with a proper photo editing education you can turn any night photo into a magazine-quality masterpiece. This course is the first step to get you there.

These 5 courses in Professional Photo Editing Bundle individually cost $165- or just $19 if you buy them bundled at IGB DEALS – a limited time offer! Once you buy them, they’re yours to keep forever!

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