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RymdResa is not a game I fell in love with immediately. The strange poetic writing, the minimal graphical style, the frictionless navigation of space, and a soundtrack that felt unsettling did little to impress me, until I gave myself over to the experience. This is not a game that will fling obstacles at you, floating through the void of space you will maneuver through planets, asteroids, and satellites in search of resources. RymdResa’s soundtrack slowly won me, as the empty loneliness of space dawned on me. Is RymdResa truly a barren void? Or are there treasures under the surface? It’s time to experience RymdResa.


The most interesting thing in RymdResa is the differing gameplay modes between the three chapters. The first chapter leads you around by the nose, to 9 random points where you will collect “resources” and “spacepoints”. The second introduces the idea of a home planet, where you will drag a third currency called “materials” which will be used to build 9 upgrades. Finally, the third chapter smashes all of your prior experience into what really feels like the pinnacle of the game. There are boss fights and endless peril, and it is the only part of RymdResa that feels like a true game.


A choice was made between brutalizing the gamer into the ground, or forcing a couple of chapters where you are able to learn through doing in a relaxed environment. Both choices are correct, but the latter is a bit more enjoyable, at least on the surface. The endorphin-rush was considerably less. You must learn the delicate dance of space! Resources will keep your ship afloat and powered, spacepoints will let you buy upgraded ships with a variety of special abilities. From the turtle I used in my review video to an insanely-accelerating racer craft, the variety of ships available is sure to keep you coming back for more. Level-ups will carry over through death, so you will slowly power up your craft and realize your true potential.


RymdResa is a beauty of a game with tons of items, ships, and customization. The music gets a little eerie at times, but then you look at the void and realize it should feel strange. The lo-fi graphical choice is still not my favorite, but doesn’t truly matter. While I never find myself overly-invested or absorbed in the gameplay, I find myself endlessly wanting to explore that next corner of untouched space. Huge congratulations to Morgondag on a game that is getting a good amount of attentions, for very valid reasons. Thanks so much for the review copy! I plan to revisit this one in my personal time quite soon.


  • Controls- 10/10
  • Fun Factor- 5/10
  • Difficulty- 6/10
  • Replayability- 9/10
  • Innovation- 8/10


  • Graphics- 6/10
  • Music- 9/10
  • Sound FX- 8/10
  • Story/Lore- 7/10
  • Level Design- 8/10

Final Score: 76/100 for replayability, controls, and music.

Summary: Casual spaceship roguelike offering tons of items, ships, and obstacles.

Verdict: If you like space, RymdResa will easily keep you occupied for hours.

RymdResa was released on Steam Early Access August 20th 2015.

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