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SimpleTelly: Lifetime Subscription


SimpleTelly: Lifetime Subscription is a smart DNS service that bypasses geo-restrictions to bring you the streaming content you want from anywhere in the world. It sneaks around geo-restrictions like a VPN, but it doesn’t slow down your connection when too many people are on a server. And, you can watch it at home on any device that connects to the Internet, like your Xbox360, smartphone or AppleTV. From the Netflix series you plan to binge on next weekend to a blacked out NFL game, never miss a beat with SimpleTelly for life.

  • Stream your favorite sites like Netflix, Hulu, ABC, NBC, HBO, BBC, Pandora & more without the pesky ‘not available in your location’ message
  • Enjoy 135 supported channels & counting
  • Use on your laptop, consoles, smart TV, iPad, Android devices & more
  • Bypass sporting event blackouts for football, basketball, hockey & WWE common in the US
  • Don’t suffer through buffering; intercept only the content needed
  • Binge watch all you want w/ unlimited streaming
  • Watch your shows at your Internet speed & not at the slow speed of a server loaded w/ people
  • Connect to secure, dedicated servers located in 36 countries
  • Utilize with unlimited devices

Note: You will need to have a valid subscription for paid contents, which must be taken directly from the content provider themselves i.e Netflix, Hulu Plus etc. Simpletelly does not bypass any payment requirement set by the content provider.

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