Spiffy Cubic Bundle

Spiffy Cubic Bundle – this indie game bundle collects 10 Steam games set in two tiers – get all 10 of them for just $2!

Spiffy Cubic Bundle

TIER 1: Pay at least $1 to get:

  • North Side (Bundle Debut)
  • The Last Hope
  • KickHim
  • Our Wonderful World

TIER 2: For paying $2 you’ll also get the following Steam games:

  • Purple Hills (Bundle Debut)
  • Cube Master: Light Adventure (Bundle Debut)
  • Lethal Brutal Racing
  • Crazy Forest
  • Era of Majesty
  • Oldschool Tennis (Bundle Debut)

BONUS TIER: Pay $3.50 and get 2 copies of this bundle!

All games in this PC bundle come with Steam Trading Cards except Our Wonderful World. All 10 games activate on Steam.

Buy the Spiffy Cubic Bundle here

BTW does anyone else think the guy in the logo is Matt Smith A.K.A. the 11th Doctor (Who)?

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