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Steam: Battlefield Bundle (92% off)


Get 3 Battlefield games for 92% at Steam for a limited time!

Somehow still don’t have these games? Special Sale on Battlefield Games titles won’t last long, so take this chance to get these unmissable games and add them to your library for cheap.

Battlefield Bundle includes 3 Battlefield games:


BATTLEFIELD 4 Premium Edition

With Battlefield 4 premium Edition, dominate tactical challenges in a huge interactive environment — demolish buildings shielding your enemies, lead an assault from the back of a gun boat, or make a little C4 go a long way.

  • All 5 expansion packs
  • Exclusive personalization options
  • Priority position in server queue
  • 12 bonus Battlepacks

Note: Currently BATTLEFIELD 4 is unavailable in China and not part of the Bundle in that region.

BATTLEFIELD 1 Revolution Edition

In Battlefield 1, jump into the epic battles of The Great War in this critically acclaimed first-person shooter.

  • Battlefield 1 base game
  • Battlefield 1 Premium Pass
  • All 4 expansion packs
  • The Red Baron Pack, Lawrence of Arabia Pack, and Hellfighter Pack

BATTLEFIELD V Definitive Edition

This is the ultimate Battlefield V experience. Enter mankind’s greatest conflict across land, air, and sea with all gameplay content unlocked from the get-go. Contains the Battlefield V base game and the definitive collection of content:

  • All gameplay content (weapons, vehicles, and gadgets) from launch, Year 1, and Year 2
  • All Elites
  • 84 immersive outfit variations for the British and German armies to enhance the WWII sandbox
  • 8 soldier outfits from Year 2
  • 2 weapon skins from Year 2, applicable to 10 and 4 weapons respectively
  • 3 vehicle dressings
  • 33 Chapter Reward items from Year 1

Grab The Battlefield Bundle over at Steam for a limited time


  1. 11 bucks isn’t bad… but why only BF4, 1 and 5? Why not 3, Hardline and Bad Company 2?

    Yeah yeah yeah, 11 bucks for 6 games is quite the bargain, but BF5 is easily much worse than BF3 or Bad Company 2.


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