Steam Key Freebie: Bell Ringer

Steam Key Freebie: Bell Ringer

The Developer says:

Bell Ringer is a fast paced arena PvP brawler with local and online multiplayer. Gather your friends and brace yourselves for some intense fighting! Choose between five unique characters with different weapons, special moves and styles.

Choose the character of your liking, from the broadsword-swinging Lucia to the fast, nimble, claw-bearing Gallows. All characters have unique play styles, appearances and weapons, try them all out and you will surely find a favorite!

Five different battle arenas, ranging in size and style. Explore the different environments- from the mountains in Thundercleft Keep, to the tower at Verdant Outpost. Each battle arena incorporates different tactical and strategic elements, use platforms or ladders to make plays – but watch out for pitfalls!

The Community says:

First, I want to say thank you. Thank you for putting bots into your game let alone bots with ranging difficulty. You have no idea what that means to a player like myself. Steamified has already featured a number of promising multiplayer titles that are local multiplayer only or if they do have online multiplayer that the game is dead on arrival because the developers and publishers don’t have the marketing budget to get a large enough playerbase for their pay to play game. Therefore if you’re going to have a game that is primarily a multiplayer game please include bots. They make a game that could otherwise be pointless to be developed – even if the concept is sound and the gameplay exciting – playable until such a point as your game has an active community or you make a group of like minded friends who are able to party with you.

This alone gives Bell Ringer a glimmer of hope. It’s not going to be DoA due to the inability to get a game going. However, that alone doesn’t mean that it has a saving grace. The game itself still needs to be good and polished if it is going to gain any sort of community at all. I personally believe that the March 6th release date is pretty optimistic. The game still needs a fair amount of work. For instance, the game will not recognize my Xbox One controller. The game states that it comes with full controller support. I would suggest that that it is partial at best – I have read others who have been able to use their controllers. The keyboard controls are average at best and downright scary at worst. If you want to have the ability for players to enjoy your title local co-op you need to fix the controls all of the way through. I know that the devs are working on this but we shall see how it progresses. -Steamified

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