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Free Steam Key for Normality


Steam Key Giveaway: Normality

The Developer says:

A sinister force now controls the city of Neutropolis. A once-thriving city full of beauty and light, Neutropolis has been reduced to a a stagnant pit of apathy. As Kent Knutson, a shameless dreamer and one of Neutropolis’ most awkward citizens, you have been imprisoned for a week and are now under home arrest for that most sinister of crimes: whistling in public. You must get out of your home and explore the vast city of Neutropolis and solve the riddle of a nation’s apathy. Point and click with the unique voodoo doll interface and be rewarded by motion capture sequences as you gather clues and solve puzzles. Chuckle at the bizarre plot and chew carpet while your brain wraps itself around puzzles that are greater than the sum of their parts. If you manage to understand the mystery that shrouds Neutropolis, you’re only halfway there…

Why is the city so controlled? Why does the most successful company in town make furniture? Why can’t penguins fly? Who is Brian Deluge? How can you solve the riddle of the mystery of the clue of the puzzle that shrouds Neutropolis?

The Community says:

I was a HUGE fan of this game years ago, could not get enough of Corey Feldmans voice acting. With this release I feel lied to. Sadly, the trailer that steam has playing IS the American version of the game with Corey’s voice acting, however what you get when you purchase it is the very dull British version where all of the Norm guards have very thick cockney accents and the main characters voice is some random guy who sounds about as interesting as your history teacher that hates his job. I would request a refund but from what I understand Steam works kind of like Spiderman, you only get one. So this time around I will eat that whopping $4 I spent and be sad and save that refund for another day. I wont dog on them too much though, I LOVE steam to death, just wish they would have been a little more clear on which version they were selling. Sigh. -Crustykeeb



Head over to IndieGala’s promo page and find the banner with the giveaway, login and claim the game.

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  1. and another indiegala giveaway.. which has already been given away.. means.. it’s gone.. and with it the rest of indiegalas dignity


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