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Steam Replay 2022: See Your Year in Gaming


Valve introduced Steam Replay this year for the first time, a gaming version of Spotify Wrap that lets you (and your friends) see what you played the most this year.

Steam Replay 2022: See what you played this year

To see your Steam Replay, just make sure you’re first logged into Steam then simply go to this link.

You can also share you Replays with friends! Want to share your Replay? First, make sure you’ve selected “public” at Steam replay page then get a sharable link.

If you’d like, you can drop a link in the comments below and share your gaming achievements with us! Here, I’ll share mine first!

You can see how many games you played, including new games and demos, how many achievements you’ve got this year, and how often you played using a keyboard and mouse vs a keyboard.

Fun, right?

I’d also like use this opportunity to wish a Happy New Year to all of you lovely people that make up IndieGameBundles’ great little community! Thanks for all the helpful comments, helping keep this site alive even after 10 long years! Well, here’s to 10 more!

See you in 2023!



  1. Ouch, I did not use Steam that much this year at all.

    Reviews Written 5
    Badges Earned 1
    New Friends Added –
    Games Gifted –
    Community Awards Given –
    Screenshots Shared –
    Discussion Posts –
    Guides Written –
    Workshop Contributions –
    Workshop Item Subscriptions –

    The last game I played on Steam was in October.

      • Happy New Year!

        I played a lot more on Amazon and Epic, than I did Steam. Which is amusing, given how bad the Epic launcher is. That and I spent a lot of time playing emulators to test things out for the real hardware.

        I did use my Switch a lot more mid year this year too. Not so much the last 2-3 months.


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