StoryBundle: The Immerse or Die Bundle

Author Jefferson Smith had a great idea, and of that idea was born The Immerse or Die Bundle.

Every morning, he gets on his treadmill, opens a new indie fantasy or science fiction ebook, and starts his morning walk. Any book that can hold his attention for the duration of that forty minute stroll gets labeled a survivor. But getting there is not easy. Every time he reads something that breaks his immersion in the story—bad grammar, inconsistent worldbuilding, illogical character behaviors, etc.—that book earns a red flag, called a WTF. If he finds three WTFs before he finishes his walk, the clock stops, the book closes, and he goes off to write up a report about what went wrong. He did this 114 times. These books are the survivors.


The Immerse or Die Bundle includes:

  • Crimson Son – by Russ Linton
  • Pay Me, Bug!- by Christopher B. Wright
  • The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl – by Bryce Anderson
  • Mad Tinker’s Daughter – by J.S. Morin
  • Strictly Analog – by Richard Levesque
  • Century of Sand – by Christopher Ruz
  • Untimed – by Andy Gavin
  • The Commons – Book 1 – The Journeyman – by Michael Alan Peck
  • Brotherhood of Delinquents – by Jefferson Smith

Grab The Immerse or Die Bundle over at StoryBundle.


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