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Survive the undead horde in PHYLACTORY for free on Itch.io


PHYLACTORY is a short action game inspired created for the “1HP” challenge. Get this indie game for free on Itch.io for limited time. Windows PC DRM-free downloads.


TEAM JAMGE – MoonJam 2021

Our submission for the Moonjam. This year’s theme was ‘1HP’

Preserve your frail PHYLACTORY from hordes of undead souls using your evil powers. Survive and triumph or fail and be cast down.

Phylactory usually costs $2.99. You can get if for free but if you like it make sure to toss a coin to the developer. 


Just head over to game page at Itch.io and click the “Download or Claim” button. Note that you must be logged in to do this. If you wish, you can leave a tip for the developer but it’s not a requirement.

This is a DRM-free copy, which means you can download it, back it up and keep it forever without needing any clients such as Steam or Epic Games Store, and it will work on PC and Mac.

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  1. If you go to Itch.Io soon (9 days left) there is a $10 for 900+ bundle (games, music, comics, books etc) to donate for Ukraine assistance. Some of the games have been free on Epic over the past 2 years. I believe it said over 700 contributors of paid games/items (all paid items none of the free items in the bundle). I saw some games that some Youtubers have played, such as Jotun, Kids, Don’t Escape:4 days to Survive & Death and Taxes (I saw some of these played by Markiplier/Jacksepticeye etc if you want to see gameplay but some might be in their 3 Scary Games videos & harder to find). Looks like an amazing bundle deal as well as a donation to a cause that is very big right now.

    • does the Ps5 GTA online version going free to claim for a few months fall under freegames? I already own it waiting for upgrade I just wanted to get the word out


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