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BundleStars: Hidden Gems Bundle #3

BundleStars starts the week with a group of games that I haven't had the pleasure of playing yet. There are quite a few that look like they hold some promise though!

BundleStars: Artifex Mundi Enigmatis Bundle

Get ready for the adventures of a lifetime with a huge bundle of mystery games from BundleStars! You can unravel the mysteries of 8 enthralling Steam games for only £1.74 / $2.49.

BundleStars : Leviathan Bundle

Murder, mystery and zoo animals! Test your skills, not your wallet with 9 epic Steam games in this indie game bundles for only $2.49 in the brand new, exclusive Leviathan Bundle! Featuring mind-bending, single-player co-op (that's right) and mysterious murder in a dark fantasy world to tycoon simulation and strategic elimination, go forth and build your empire!

BundleStars : Must Play Bundle

Grab the Must Play bundle from BundleStars! 10 games for only $4! Many of these games truly are a "must play". The pickings from the Must Play bundle are indeed relatively decent. If you entered our giveaway for Cally's Caves 3 and didn't win, this is your opportunity to pick it up on the cheap!

Bundle Stars: Cryptic Bundle 3

Bundle Stars brings you all new mysteries in their new Cryptic Bundle 3 for only $1.99! Includes Sacra Terra: Angelic Night, Portals of Evil: Stolen Runes, and more!
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