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Humble Programming MegaBundle 2023

Learn principles, best practices, and advanced concepts for myriad programming disciplines with this massive bundle from Packt. Starting from just $1 for 5 eBooks on coding.

Fanatical Pop Culture Horror eBook Bundle + 15% OFF VOUCHER

Starting from $1, get up to 24 eBooks on all things horror and horror movies! Plus, we've even secured a voucher code to lower the price of this book bundle by 15%!

Humble Cybersecurity Month MEGA BUNDLE

Unlock a library of cybersecurity knowledge from the experts at O’Reilly! Pay $1 to get the first 2 eBooks, Learning Kali Linux and Istio: Up and Running. Pay more to get up to 16 eBooks on all things cybersec!

Cyberpunk Dystopia Novels Collective Bundle (extra 25% off voucher)

We've teamed up with Fanatical to bring you their new non-gaming cyberpunk themed bundles for 25% off! Just use the voucher code IGB25OFF when checking out to bring the price down by a whopping 25% off!

Humble Book Bundle: Chat GPT & AI Chat Bots

Learn to use ChatGPT and other AI tools like a pro from just $1! Pay more to support charity and get up to 12 eBooks, readable on any book reader, PC, phone or tablet!

Humble RPG Book Bundle: Warhammer Deathwatch and Rogue Trader

Get core rulebooks for both Rogue Trader and Deathwatch experiences along with dozens of expansions, campaigns, and resource kits, and help support Children’s Health Ireland!

Humble Book Bundle: All About Tolkien

Delve deeper into Middle-Earth and the art, life, and cultural impact of J. R. R. Tolkien! Get 3 eBooks about Tolkien and his influences for just $1! Pay more to support charity and get up to 27 eBooks worth over $300!

Humble The Chef’s Kitchen Cookbook Bundle

Get 3 eBooks about cooking for just $1! Pay more to support charity and get up to 32 eBooks worth $300 that teach you to cook meat, vegetables, pasta, deserts and everything in-between!
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