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The Humble Comics Bundle: Fan Faves & New Hits by Dynamite

Pick up a bundle of fan favorites and fresh titles from Dynamite Comics, including Bob's Burgers Vol 1, Undisputed Street Fighter, Neil Gaiman's The Last Temptation, Red Sonja (Gail Simone) Vol 1 – 3, and more.

The Humble Book Bundle: Digital Cameras & Photography by Wiley

Get ebooks like Nikon D3200 Digital Field Guide, Kevin Kubota's Lighting Notebook: 101 Lighting Styles and Setups for Digital Photographers - and many more!

The Humble Book Bundle: STEM by Mercury Learning

Get Quantum Mechanics, Radar Systems and Radio Aids to Navigation, Artificial Intelligence and Problem Solving, Network Security and Cryptography, Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science (C, C++, and MATLAB), and more.

The Humble Book Bundle: Games & Puzzles by Wiley

Get ebooks like Casino Gambling For Dummies, Poker For Dummies, Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition For Dummies, and Dungeon Master For Dummies.

The Humble Book Bundle: Forbidden Books

Humble has gathered an awesome group of publishers for a bundle of banned, challenged, or just plain controversial books. Get Bone by Jeff Smith, Crank by Ellen Hopkins and more

The Humble Book Bundle: Trivia Champion

Keep on reading till the end with The Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between; Anime Impact; What's It Like in Space?; How to Drive; and lots more from Chronicle Books and Mango Media!

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IndieGala Daedalic Entertainment Bundle

IndieGala Daedalic Entertainment Bundle just launched – a game bundle of 10 Steam games including titles like The Whispered World Special Edition, A New Beginning - Final Cut and Caravan for $1 with 7 more games if you pay more.
Fanatical Showdown Bundle

Fanatical Showdown Bundle