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The Humble Book Bundle: Computer Graphics

Get ebooks like Graphics Shaders, 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development, The Uncanny Valley in Games and Animation, and Digital Character Development: Theory and Practice.

The Humble Tabletop Bundle: Ninja Division Game Systems

Heavily influenced by fighting games and anime, this bundle includes all you need to download, print, and play Super Dungeon: Arena, Ninja All-Stars, Relic Knights, Rail Raiders Infinite, and more!

The Humble Book Bundle: A.I. & Deep Learning

Get ebooks like Python Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning Hands-On, Hands-On Deep Learning for Games, and Hands-On AI for Finance.

The Humble Book Bundle: Max Your Mind

Get ebooks like God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee, Rise of the SuperHeroes, Dating Tips for the Unemployed, Forensics: A Guide for Writers and more

The Humble Book Bundle: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Get ebooks like Blockchain By Example and Hands-On Blockchain for Python Developers, and videos like Ethereum Projects and Blockchain Real World Projects. 

The Humble Book Bundle: Microsoft & .NET

Get ebooks like Modern API Design with ASP.NET Core 2, Azure and Xamarin Forms, Pro C# 7, Modern Algorithms for Image Processing, and more.

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IndieGala The Strange Vices Bundle

Get 7 Steam games in the IndieGala The Strange Vices Bundle, collecting Bot Vice, This Strange Realm Of Mine, Koloro, Dungeons&Vampires and more