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The Premium 2020 Project Management Certification Bundle

Start mastering the skills needed to effectively manage your team, your customers, and your business goals in 2020 with this 11-part certification bundle.

The 2020 Ultimate Work From Home Starter Kit Bundle

Your 33-Hour Guide to Becoming the Home Boss! Start Earning with 16 Courses on Freelancing, Copywriting, Virtual Team Management & More

The 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle

Taught by a professional instructors like Rob Percival & John Elder, Learn Angular, Python, HTML, C#, MySQL and more. 

The 2020 Comprehensive Programming Collection

Your 14-Hour Programming Bootcamp! Kick Off Your Career as a Developer with 9 Courses on JavaScript, Mobile Game Development, Machine Learning & App Development

The Humble Learn to Code Bundle

Learn how to code with this comprehensive eLearning Humble Bundle and master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Unity, Python, Java, and more!

The 2019 Modern Tech Skills Bundle

Bring your tech skills up to 21st-century snuff with this massive, all-encompassing bundle, combining 2,000+ on cybersecurity, AI and machine learning and IT in general.

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