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Flying Autumn Bundle

Flying Autumn Bundle features 13 Steam games over 3 tiers and it includes ROGUS - Kingdom of the Lost Souls, STOORM - Yellow (Full) Edition, Ancient Planet, Playing History 2: Slave Trade, Airport Simulator 2014 and many more.

Flying Addicts Bundle 3

10 Steam games with Trading Cards for trading card collectors and addicts! Features Realms of Arkania trilogy, Crossfire: Dungeons, Rats - Time is running out!, Two Digits, Botology and more!

Flying Bundle: Opium Pulses’ Summer Sci-Venture – new games added!

Flying Bundle: Opium Pulses' Summer Sci-Venture - pay $3.50 to get 11 games! Includes Air Guardians, Bard to the future, Bliss, Incognito and more!

Flying Stay Positive Bundle by Opium Pulses

10 games with positive reviews, hand picked by Opium Pulses and published by the Flying Bundle. Includes Cubot, SnuggleTruck and 8 more games with Steam keys!

Flying Bundle: Addicts Bundle #2

Addicts Bundle #2 includes: About Love, Hate and the other ones, David., Back to Bed, Dreaming Sarah, Once Bitten Twice Dead, Samudai and Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun

Flying Bundle: Addicts Bundle

Flying Addicts Bundle is out, with 11 games that feature Steam Trading Cards! Pay at least $4.00 for all these games: Burning Cars, Countless Rooms of Death, Diehard Dungeon, Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride, Lilly Looking Through and many more...

The Flying Bundle XV

Flying Bundle XV is out, with 7 games and 1 more to be unlocked later on! Pay at least $2.50 for Circuits, Crow, EvilQuest, Guns n Zombies, and more!

Flying Bundle: The Flying Winter Bundle

The Flying Winter Bundle includes: BlackSoul: Extended Edition, Chilie, Love, Royal Defense, Shadows of War, Swipecart, Mystery Game