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Get a month of Uplay+ for free

Uplay+ is a new Netflix-like gaming subscription service that lets you play over 100 Ubisoft games, including all new releases such as Watch Dogs Legion (once it launches). Get free access from 3rd to 30th September 2019

FREE: MCM ComicCon Comics Bundle

With the MCM Comic Con Bundle, you’ll get four awesome comics from the artistic and creative minds of the industry in one collection; Sea of Thieves, Prophecy, The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #4 and Kirby Genesis Captain Victory #1

3 Free Steam Games if you Collect Stamps at Humble – Day 4

Another giveaway by Humble Bundle has launched to celebrate the Humble Store Summer Sale – for this one, you’ll need to collect daily stamps in order to get Glass Masquerade, Slay.one and Murderous Pursuits.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is FREE on Humble Bundle for 48 hours

In Warhammer® 40,000® Space Marine® you are Captain Titus, a Space Marine of the Ultramarines chapter and a seasoned veteran of countless battles. 

Hitman Summer Pack is now (temporarily) FREE on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Get the third episode of Hitman for free until July 31st. Your saved progress will transfer to the full game, if purchased.

Grab a free Mind Spheres Steam key

Grab a free Mind Spheres Steam key in yet another promo by our friends at Indie Gala. Mind Spheres is a physics puzzle game, a minigolf + pinball unique mashup.

The Sparkle 2 Evo is free (Steam key)

The Sparkle 2 Evo is free in a promo by Indie Gala - this Steam game has Mostly Positive reviews and usually costs $4.99. The game also comes with a set of Steam Trading Cards!

Grab a FREE Trolley Gold Steam key

In this game you have to get into the role of gold miners team. You control the two crew members who using uncomplicated mechanism drive the trolley. You need to catch the gold nuggets, which another friend of yours produces.