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IndieGala : Hump Day Mega Bundle #17

IndieGala returns with a Hump Day MEGA bundle! 12 games for a total of $3, and this bundle boasts at least 2 amazing platformers. Teslagrad and The Deer God are a treat! One look at the video/screenshots should be more than enough to sway you.

IndieGala : Every Monday Bundle #98

IndieGala returns right on schedule with their Every Monday bundle. This Monday bundle features 7 RPG-heavy games for only $1.49. Quest to save your kingdom for a price that positively can't be beat.

IndieGala : Special Friday Bundle 28

Friday is a very special day for a variety of reasons. IndieGala is doing their part to keep you nice and safe indoors this weekend! Stop by IndieGala and pick up 12 delicious games for less than $3! There are plenty of fun titles in the bundle, including Muffin Knight, Bloodsports.tv, and I, Gladiator! Give it a try.

IndieGala Bundle : Reverse Fusion

A bevy of backwards games are available in IndieGala's Reverse Fusion Bundle. Unlock 8 extremely varied games for the low starting price of $1.49! Features titles such as Vertical Drop Heroes, Reverse Crawl, QuestRun, Intake, and the infamous Paranautical Activity. Bulk out your Steam library with the IndieGala Reverse Fusion Bundle!

IndieGala Bundle : Ex-Machina

Back again with another IndieGala bundle featuring a plethora of shooters and RPGs. Includes 2 games from the Data Hacker series, and great standalones such as AI:Rampage and Dead6hot. This bundle is priced at only $1 for the first 24 hours, and features 6 games with trading cards available. Cash in on these savings ASAP!

IndieGala Down Under Bundle

IndieGala Down Under Bundle - Get 12 Steam games for a minimum of $1, or get the full bundle for $2.89. Includes Blade Kitten, Deadnaut, Freedom Fall, Amygdala, Unhack, and more!