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Humble Zen Studios Bundle #3

HumbleBundle is back again with Zen Studios for a third time to offer you more pinball games than you could ever physically have in your house. Luckily, they fit neatly in your Steam library!

Groupees: Build A Greenlight Bundle #40

Groupees always offers quality indie game bundles, and this Greenlight bundle is no exception. Be sure to check out RPG Fighter League and Neon Hardcorps, as they are my favorite picks from this lot.

IndieGala : Phoenix Online Bundle

IndieGala presents the Phoenix Online bundle! Featuring a plethora of tasty games covering subjects from superheroes to murder-mystery!

Informational: Steam Bundle Changes

There's a big shake-up coming to how Steam's bundle purchases work, giving them dynamic pricing. In official documentation given to developers, Valve have outlined a redesign of Steam bundles so that they automatically give buyers that already own some of the products within a discount.